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Gaudium Woman (Gaudium- Latin: Joy) believes that every woman is unique. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman’s age journey. Every woman has a journey ahead of her, filled with her own experiences, stages and milestones - from a small baby girl who has just stepped into the world to the journey through the tumultuous years of adolescence, followed by the years of youth when she takes on key roles not just in her career but also within the family and society, to motherhood and then gradually ageing gracefully - every milestone of this journey brings a new facet and builds a foundation for their health for decades to come.

Yes, with every year into this life journey, a woman’s responsibilities grow. But while all is changing around and within your life, one thing that shouldn’t be is managing and maintaining health.

Women need tender care and nurturing at all stages to prepare them for their life journey ahead. With this important consideration, we have founded Gaudium Woman, with the belief that it's important for every woman to take time to know how strong her foundation is and to assess and improve health for each woman.

Gaudium Woman is a first-of-its-kind dedicated Women Health specialist facility in India with an exclusive focus on not just providing tertiary services in women healthcare, but on preventive and holistic health, too. It supports this holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of women and newborns under the aegis of a world-class medical leadership and through leading innovation in these areas.

After the immense success of Gaudium IVF, a leading name of global acclaim in affordable and effective fertility care, Dr. Manika Khanna takes women health and well-being a step further with Gaudium Woman – an institution that has been developed with a firm and holistic philosophy to women health that to usher in new-age approaches to improving the health of all women and children at all stages of their lives.

Managed by a passionate team of doctors and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Gaudium Woman aims to provide a luxurious ambience and a home-like environment to cater to every woman’s need for health and care. As we continue to engage our energies to raise the bar on clinical excellence, we are sensitive to our patients’ needs providing them an experience, where they receive seamless medical services and enjoy the warmth of compassionate care in a healing environment.

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