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Gaudium Woman (Gaudium- Latin: Joy) believes that every woman is unique. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman’s age journey. Every woman has a journey ahead of her, filled with her own experiences, stages and milestones
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Women's Services

Women's Services: Age Group: Adolescent 11-18

Gaudium Women's understand the emotional, behavioral or social difficulties that females experience as they move into adolescence. We recognize that everyone is unique with varying needs and have structured our services for this group with the aim to make this important journey of our patients lives as positive as possible.

Our expert multidisciplinary team of medical practitioners, nursing unit, activity coordinators & learning support staff, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and support groups, are specially trained to provide care to 13-18 years old. Dedicated to ensuring access to age-appropriate services and holistic care, this team offers both specialist inpatient and day care as well as dedicated outpatient services.

Our services for this age group include: (Accordion)

Female Wellness Centre

Gaudium Woman's dedicated medical practitioners and pain scholars bring comprehensive clinical services through leading-edge research and advances in areas such as:

  • Nutrition & Dietetics.
  • Psychological Medicine.
  • Rehabilitation & Substance Abuse.
  • Mental Health Counselling & Behavioral Therapy.

Woman's Pain Centre
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